IUiControlSettings - Changing UI at runtime

IUiControlSettings - an interface to change some UI control settings at runtime.


  • boolean isContextMenuEnabled(ContextMenuOwner contextMenu) - returns true if the SCell UI currently has corresponding context menus (business license)
  • void setContextMenuEnabled(ContextMenuOwner contextMenu, boolean value) - enables/disables all SCell UI corresponding context menus (business license)
  • boolean isReadOnly() - returns true if SCell UI is currently read-only
  • void setReadOnly(boolean value) - sets SCell UI read-only at runtime (business license)
  • void setForegroundAccentColor(IColor color) - sets accent color to the UI component
  • boolean isInputBarVisible() - returns true if SCell UI formula input bar is visible (business license)
  • void setInputBarVisibility(boolean value) - shows/hides the formula input bar of the SCell UI (business license)
  • boolean isGridVisible() - returns true if SCell UI currently displays grid lines (business license)
  • void setGridVisibility(boolean value) - shows/hides grid lines (business license)
  • boolean isVerticalScrollbarVisible() - returns true if SCell UI currently shows vertical scroll bar (business license)
  • void setVerticalScrollbarVisibility(boolean value) - shows/hides vertical scroll bar (business license)
  • boolean isHorizontalScrollbarVisible() - returns true if SCell UI currently shows horizontal scroll bar (business license)
  • void setHorizontalScrollbarVisibility(boolean value) - shows/hides horizontal scroll bar (business license)

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