ScellApiEntryPoint - The first access point

ScellApiEntryPoint is the first access-point to the SCell API. It helps the user to get full access to the API.

If the API is already connected (with Maven or Gradle), you can make calls of ScellApiEntryPoint.

The ScellApiEntryPoint provides IScellApiResolver features to the user's project, e.g.:

public class ConsoleApp {
    private static final CompletableFuture<IScellApiResolver> apiResolverFuture = ScellApiEntryPoint.getApiResolverAsync();

From the point of view of the implementation, SCell API consists of two high-level main parts:

  • SCell API Interfaces (separated with Core and UI) - open-source projects with a set of user-friendly interfaces
  • SCell API Implementation (also separated for Core and UI) - an implementation of the Interfaces, that works behind the scene

The user interacts only with API Interfaces. To bind the interfaces with their implementations SCell uses the IScellApiResolver.

To process spreadsheets programmatically, add api-interfaces-core and api-impl-core dependencies. To have the UI component, add api-interfaces-core, api-impl-core and api-interfaces-ui and api-impl-ui dependencies.

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