Adding SCell API to your Gradle Java project

SCell Public API supports Gradle and Maven projects.

To use the SCell Public API you should add the SCell public repository to the repositories and SCell API dependencies to your build.gradle:

repositories {
    maven {
        url "${SCELL_REPO_URL}"
        credentials {
            username "${SCELL_REPO_USER}"
            password "${SCELL_REPO_PASS}"

dependencies {
  implementation "com.intechcore.scomponents.scell:api-interfaces-core:${SCELL_API_VERSION}"
  runtimeOnly "com.intechcore.scomponents.scell:api-impl-core:${SCELL_API_VERSION}"
  implementation "com.intechcore.scomponents.scell:api-interfaces-ui:${SCELL_API_VERSION}"
  runtimeOnly "com.intechcore.scomponents.scell:api-impl-ui:${SCELL_API_VERSION}"

ATTENTION! Scope implementation is required for the implementations

And set the variables in the

SCELL_API_VERSION = 1.3.22-java8       # to use Java 8
SCELL_API_VERSION = 1.3.22-java11      # to use Java from 11 to 21
SCELL_API_VERSION = 1.3.22-java8-DEMO  # DEMO to use Java 8
SCELL_API_VERSION = 1.3.22-java11-DEMO # DEMO to use Java from 11 to 21

SCELL_REPO_URL =           # Remove if the full version is used
SCELL_REPO_URL = # Remove if the demo version is used

SCELL_REPO_USER = given_username
SCELL_REPO_PASS = given_password

(Full DEMO Gradle project can be found here)

Now you can use the first access-point of the API - ScellApiEntryPoint.

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