SCell Public API


SCell Public API designed for integration SCell component to the customer's application.

SCell Public API consists of two Java libraries:

  1. SCell Public API Interfaces - com.intechcore.scomponents.scell.scell-api. It is a top-level dependency.
  2. SCell Public API Implementation - com.intechcore.scomponents.scell.api-impl. It is implementation of the API interfaces.

The following scheme shows the SCell Public API Interfaces architecture.


There is the ScellApiProvider which designed to provide the ScellApiResolver. The ScellApiResolver is an IOC container designed to contain the SpreadsheetApiProvider, ScellUiFxApiProvider and other API interfaces implementation.

The Workbook class is the main entry point. It includes a set of Worksheet objects which manage WorksheetContent, WorksheetLayout, WorksheetService.

The WorksheetContent manage different kind of cell content like: hyperlinks, comments, styles, etc.

The WorksheetLayout manage rows and columns.

The WorksheetService manage worksheet actions.

The ScellUiApi object is a UI entry point. It creates a new SCellUiContentManager instance to manage UI part of the SСell component.

For more information about how to start working see the Quick Start.